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    Query on reading Database Items

    HI Experts,

    I have created Database and few columns created as EDbColLongText.

    CDbColSet* columns=CDbColSet::NewLC();

    // Add Columns
    TDbCol id(NCol1, EDbColInt32);

    // automatic indexing for items,it is our key field.
    columns->AddL(TDbCol(NCol2, EDbColInt32));

    columns->AddL(TDbCol(NCol3, EDbColLongText));
    columns->AddL(TDbCol(NCol4, EDbColLongText));

    // Create a table
    TRAPD(err, aDatabase.CreateTable(KTableExample, *columns) );

    But while reading these items from database I get Panic in my application.
    In below code snippet,
    while reading colDes(3) value application crashes and i found that ColDes API will read the item type EDbColText and not EDbColLongText. SO, as a result application crashes.

    Do we have any solution to this or alernative API to get long descriptor column from database?

    RDbView Myview;
    Myview.Prepare(iDatabase, TDbQuery(aQueryBuffer));
    while (Myview.AtRow())
    id = Myview.ColInt(1);
    value = Myview.ColInt(2);
    ivalue2 = Myview.ColDes(3);
    ivalue3 = Myview.ColDes(4);

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    Re: Query on reading Database Items

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