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    Can you put an S60Qt app in the background?

    I would like to build a Qt-based background engine (No UI parts, just network IO).

    I would then like to have a foreground app that can be running or off, while the background engine keeps running. They also need to be able to communicate with eachother. Preferably via signals/slots, but could also hack up some sort of FIFO like thing on the filesystem if needed.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Can you put an S60Qt app in the background?

    Yes, you can have a Qt-based background engine. Signals and slots can cross thread boundaries but not process boundaries as far as I'm aware (apart from using QtDBus - which is Unix only at the moment although I've heard it will also be ported to S60, I have no idea on the timescale).

    For now you could use sockets or pipes or some file system hack of your own devising to communicate between processes. Check if the functions provided by QProcess could work for you (engine launches the UI?).

    If you've got a longish timeframe to do this in mind then you could experiment with QtDBus on linux and port it to S60 later.


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