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    Vector graphics limitations WTK? (Newbie!)

    First, a disclaimer: I've only done one small project using WTK(J2ME? MIDP?), many years ago, and I'm basically a complete amateur in the mobile field, in need of some advise!

    My company is hiring an outside consultant to himself manage an outsourced team of devs for a Nokia (symbian?) application, and he's recommending against using Java, on the grounds that there's a limitation involving the use of vector graphics (EPS fiels were mention I think), meaning that's it's extrememly difficult to ensure a consistent look and feel to the application across multiple handsets, which other languages for symbian dev (I think he cited Python) don't suffer from.

    As I've at least some experience in Java I'd prefer this as the platform for our app, but I have no knowledge of the issues!

    Is there any merit in what he says? Is this a real issue/limitation, or has it ever been one?

    Thanks in advance - any information I can get would be really helpful!

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    Re: Vector graphics limitations WTK? (Newbie!)

    Hmmm.. interesting question.

    To advise you properly about the suitability of Java, I'd need to know a lot more about the application you intend to develop.

    Well, it's true to say that it is easier to get a native Series 60 application running consistently across all devices, than it is with Java. But the main reason is: it won't run on as many devices. Given that all the devices that can run a Series 60 application are running the same operating system, it's hardly surprising that that the behaviour is consistent. Given that a MIDP application can potentially run on Series 60, UIQ, Windows Mobile, Linux, and a variety of proprietary platforms, it's not surprising that there is some variation.

    If you ever, at any point in the future, wanted to run the application on a non-Series 60 device, you would be looking at re-writing it. A Java application is likely to need modification, but not re-writing. (Unless you want to run it on an iPhone.)

    Also, at risk of inviting jihad, I'll say that I believe developing and debugging Java is easier and cheaper than C/C++. Java programmers (these days) are also more readily available than Symbian programmers, which reduces the chance of external consultants having your gentleman's items in their wallet.

    Specifically about vector graphics... if you want "proper" vector graphics in J2ME, you're reliant on support for the SVG API, which is not universally supported.

    "Consistency" is not a common reason for going native. Usual reasons are performance, or access to some platform feature not available in MIDP. Or "not knowing Java".


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    Re: Vector graphics limitations WTK? (Newbie!)

    same points graham is mentioning regarding c++/symbian (only running on symbian (S60) devices etc) also are applicable to Python afaik..
    also if u could choose between c++ and python (if those would be the only options) i'd go for c++, simply because python is limited by its sandbox design just like j2me, so in case the app needs to heavily rely on hardware (gps, communciations, streaming) then c++ would be a much better choice...

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