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    Lightbulb Nokia Platform Services wishlist/suggestions

    1. When do you plan to create a documentation in Flash help format?

    Digging through the library/wiki here is not the easiest way to get info, I hope at least the promised .mxp packages will have this.

    But even if you won`t do this, please try to get rid of this terrible hierarchy system in the Library, each Service has the same generic stuff and to get to the specific docs (ie parameters for calling and returned values) it`s a series of 4-5 clicks usually.

    2. Is it possible to create a fullscreen FL app with the OS statusbar on the top?

    Just wondering recreating it is not always the best option.

    3. Any chance to have a Theme Service?

    Ie being able to retrieve colours or even wallpaper (it`s set only at the moment unless I`m mistaken?)

    4. Can FL get into themes, homescreen, wallpaper, etc and maybe even set via Platform Services?

    I`m probably not the first person to ask this, but is there any specific reason not to, especially as Nokia owns Symbian now?

    5. Can we have images for contacts?

    Something like a pseudo-filesystem URL would be nice if the images are not extracted from vCards by the OS by default.

    6. Can we have album art/thumbnail for media files?

    Makes so much sense if you think of it

    7. Any chance being able to get a list of running apps?

    Not high priority, but could be just a property like isRunning when querying apps with the AppManager Service.

    8. Would it be possible to have icons for apps via AppManager Service?

    I know they are .svg files which are not supported by vanilla FL anyway, but how about either hacking support into the Nokia flavour or even better, being able to render a .png at specified size?

    9. How about some hardware button overrides?

    Having access to red/white/green/camera/volume buttons from ActionScript (ie being able to subscribe to them and optionally override via a Service) would be beyond amazing

    10. Is it possible to set up custom MIME type handling for a FL app?

    I`d guess you have to do it somehow when packaging up the .swf as a .sis (or even some C++ black magic), but how will Flash get the file URL?

    11. Please make the SharedObject size limit orders of magnitude higher and/or offer some persistent storage solution via NPS.

    Currently caching data and saving bigger datasets is not possible on the device without some custom C++/Java hacking as far as I could find out, if that`s the case it`s very limiting for non-cloud applications.
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