I have used the RConnectionMonitor to measure the WLAN signal strength (as explained here http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/TSS000377_-_Scanning_for_available_WLAN_networks:_How_can_I_retrieve_the_network's_SSID_and_signal_strength%3F)
then i added the required capabilities and self sign the application and everything went just fine however on the emulator i couldn't access the WLAN (I don't know how so a little tip is appreciated) and on the device when program execution goes to this function a Feature Not Supported error message pops up. Why is that? I'm using Nokia N96 ( which of course has a WLAN connection )

A point of clarification that might help is that the WLAN i'm trying to access is password-protected (Most likely this hasn't triggered the error) .

I also need to know how can i supply the WEB key in order to access the WLAN without user prompt (it will happed anyway since the application is self-signed but i mean when i get it signed ) .

Thanks in advance