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    How to detect options soft key is pressed?

    Hi All,
    I have an application which uses List. In which i want to have different set of commands for different users which i am showing in list....

    How I can do that?

    One option i thought is to write event when "option" soft key is pressed..

    How to go ahead?

    Any Help !!!

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    Re: How to detect options soft key is pressed?

    You cannot do this.

    If you use a Form, you can attach Commands to each Item. Look at Item.addCommand() and Item.setItemCommandListener(). Note that adding Commands to Items only works on MIDP-2.

    If you want to support MIDP-1, you'd you have to construct your own "List" using a Canvas.


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    Re: How to detect options soft key is pressed?

    Thanks for reply...

    I am using List instead of Form and profile is MDIP 2.0..

    So what should i do? Should I add list into form ?
    and then apply Item.setItemCommandListeneer?

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    Re: How to detect options soft key is pressed?

    Hi priteshgajjar,

    you cannot add a List inside a Form. Graham's tip was to replace your List with a Form, with Items added directly to the Form itself.

    A (not perfect) workaround to use a List in this case could be to have a Timer to periodically check which is the selected Item index on your List and, if this changes, to accordingly change the Commands on the List itself.

    Also, if you need a Canvas based list, you can take a look at this Forum Nokia Wiki article:



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