If you are trying to change the list skin,
If you are trying to change the height or font color of a list item,
If you are trying to display text mixing with images, even animate GIF,
If you are trying to display input fields just in the view,
you will find it's very difficult or even impossible to work it out with default components.
I think 'draw yourselft' is probably the only answer of these questions, and of many other question on this board.

The UI design nowadays is getting complicated and rich, especially after the launch of 5th Ed. The traditional Eikon and Avkon framework can not fully meet the needs. The new widget technology is cool, however, it has some restrictions. If you want to build UI just like how widget do, and keep the advantage of using native SDK, have a look on this open source project.


This open source project provide a CCoeControl derived class which allows Symbian C++ developers to build custom UI or to render simple web page by using HTML and CSS. By using it, you can build complex UI easily even without any knowledge of Symbian drawing APIs. Now you can focus on UI design, without being limited by technology. Any type of UI we are able to build!

Supported SDKs
S60 2nd Edition
S60 3rd Edition
S60 5th Edition

Derived from CCoeControl, so it is easy to use in any type of Symbian application.
Support commonly used HTML tags and CSS grammar.
Provide methods to access all elements in the HTML document, and also change their content or style in runtime. (Just like what DHTML can do).
Support a wide range of image types, including animated gif.
Support system skin.
Support create standard UI layout, e.g. List, Grid, fully customized.
Support both key event and pointer event.
Support scrolling, with system scrollbar or custom scrollbar.
Support form elements.
Support transitions.