it's very strnage (for me) :

I have a multi-view application, one of the views contains settings; all works fine; the base class in in AppUi::ConstructL() is constructed with :

BaseConstructL( EAknEnableSkin );
BUT if I use "BaseConstructL();" (without enabling the skin); the application crashes on the OfferKeyEvent !!

here is the code :

TKeyResponse CMySettingsContainer::OfferKeyEventL(const TKeyEvent& aKeyEvent, TEventCode aType )
	if (iSettingListBox)
		if ((aKeyEvent.iCode == EKeyUpArrow) || (aKeyEvent.iCode == EKeyDownArrow) || (aKeyEvent.iCode == EKeyDevice3) || (aKeyEvent.iCode == EKeyCBA1))
			// Pass joystick up, down and pressed events to the list box.
			TKeyResponse response = iSettingListBox->OfferKeyEventL(aKeyEvent, aType);
			return response;

the app crashes on "TKeyResponse response = iSettingListBox->OfferKeyEventL(aKeyEvent, aType);" when I try to change a setting.


Any idea please ?
thanks in advance,