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    How to read/write data file ?


    Is there a way to read/write local data file?
    Like if want to make a simple game how can I save data for high score?


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    Re: How to read/write data file ?

    WRT has a way to store persistent data, called a "preference", in between application sessions. You save a string with a name using setPreference and retrieve it by name using getPreference. You can also store a json object as the string.

    read about the setPreference and getPreference in the WRT docs.

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    Re: How to read/write data file ?

    Hey, thanks, I was thinking using cookies .

    I cant find anything about setPreference in the wrt library.
    closest I found is ISysInfo.GetInfo() ISysInfo.SetInfo().

    I tried searching in google maybe to get some link somewhere but nothing.

    can you provide me a link in the docs ?
    (I am browsing http://library.forum.nokia.com/)


    I found these:
    setPreferenceForKey(), PreferenceForKey()
    It seems to be it.
    thanks again

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