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    Smile [moved] silently control mail?

    Hi All Respected,
    I am trying to read silently upcoming mails or out going mail from my device.
    I want to trapp and read all incoming mail before my device read.
    I want to trapp and read all out going mail before my device send to out from my device.
    Please guide me and say, All above task can be possible or not?
    Guide me how should go to overcome from this.
    Regards Rajat.

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    Re: [moved] silently control mail?

    You could try the SMS examples and see how they are monitoring inbox, and then just modify it to monitor also outbox, and emails..

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    Re: [moved] silently control mail?

    Hi symbianyucca,
    tell me how can i configar my emulator of sdk s60 2nd 3fp 8.1a.
    so that i can send receive on emulator than i will try to get notification of incoming mail.
    regards Rajat.

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