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    Camera video capturing and video playback

    I have created a background application that uses the camera to capture video - basically I analyze the frame received in FrameBufferReady. My problem is that if an application plays a movie while my application is in the background the camera will call FrameBufferReady with an error argument of KErrInUse and then it will stop calling FrameBufferReady.
    I know and I understand that video decoding and camera video capture aren't possible in parallel. What I want to achieve is to re-start the video capture once the movie is finished playing, is there some way to check whether the resources used by the video playback are available? I tried to start the video capture while a video is playing but that actually stopped the video playback (and i don't want to stop it). I tried monitoring window group changed events but unfortunately the window isn't changed once the video stops playing.

    Anyone? I'm almost desperate here

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    Re: Camera video capturing and video playback

    Bumping up the topic, in a desperate attempt to find an answer

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