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    My first widget work: GReader Mod ver

    The original Google Reader Widget is not ease to use, I often press rightsoftkey when I want to go back history, and then GReader just exits.

    So I write a mod version of Google Reader Widget.

    Test pass on my E63.

    1. RightSoftkey - Go back history.

    2. LeftSoftkey menu:
    Tags - Go to GReader tags page.
    Home - Go to GReader home page.
    Refresh - Reload current page.
    Forward - Go forward history.
    Menukeys->Hide/Show - Hide or show the Softkeys label.

    Language support: Simplified Chinese and English

    If you want to exit GReader Widget using Options->Exit.

    Download from box.net

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    Re: My first widget work: GReader Mod ver

    nice! It works perfectly on my E71. I used to access Google Reader using the browser. With this widget, I can go straight to the Google Reader page by one click, instead of 3 clicks = browser -> bookmark -> google reader!

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    Re: My first widget work: GReader Mod ver

    Thanks for trying.

    By the way, is there any possiblity for S60 3rd support WRT1.1 sometime in future through firmware update?

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    Re: My first widget work: GReader Mod ver

    Currently it is not supported, as well as I have not seen any public annoucements on it, thus currently it is unknown whether older devices would be supported in the future.

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