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    Question sysinfo.lighton() can't turn on keyboard light?

    Testing phone : E63
    Using sysinfo.lighton(), no matter the target is sysinfo.lighttargetsystem or sysinfo.lighttargetprimarydisplayandkeyboard the keyboard light just doesn't turn on.
    Keyboard light only control by the light sensor, so there's no way to turn on keyboard light through sysinfo??

    And the lighton duration is set to sysinfo.lightinfiniteduration, but the screen light went off after then screen light timeout set in phone settings. Is there a way to turn the screen light always on through wiget?


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    Re: sysinfo.lighton() can't turn on keyboard light?

    The backlight just goes off after syatem backlight timeout, can't control using lightinfiniteduration or lightmaxduration or even a certain time longer than system backlight timeout.

    But the description of lighton() argument duration:
    Defines the period during which the target light is switched on. The period is measured in milliseconds.

    After the duration expires, the light state of the target will be changed to whatever state was caused by the last infinite time duration call. If there has not been a previous infinite time duration call in a session, the default state determined by the inactivity timer (system backlight timeout) is used.

    If duration is lightinfiniteduration, the target light can be turned off only when some other light control method is called.

    Duration can also have the maximum value of lightmaxduration

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