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    Is nokia 3210 snake the first mobile game ever ?

    I don't know if this is the right place to put such questions, but here goes. Since the launch of nokia n-gage and the following hype, I have been wondering:

    * Was the nokia 3210 first mobile phone with embedded games ? I guess so, but you may know better
    * When was the 3210 officially launched (I can track it down to 1999, but is not sure)
    * Who build the 3 games equipped with the 3210?. They could be the first wireless games developers
    * Why those 3 games?. I guess that with the amount of phones that nokia produces, it is essential how the phones are equipped, so why snake and not tetris for instance?.

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    RE: Is nokia 3210 snake the first mobile game ever ?

    Dear developer,

    a)If I remember right, the first serie with Nokia phones was 6100-series (not Nokia 6100), like 6110, 6150 etc. Same phones has also games like Memory and Logic.

    b) Nokia 3210 was launced in March - 1999 (so you was right)

    c) I have information about the snake game inventor, but the rest are (maybe) "company confidential information" and part of urban legends :-)

    Best Regards,
    Hanttila / Forum Nokia

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