I searched .tsy files in SDK, there are lots of TSY files, including mm.tsy, phonetsy.tsy, cdma.tsy, sim.tsy, trpat.tsy, and trpstubbed.tsy. How do I know which TSY file I should load as phone module? Does specific phone have one own tsy file, or some tsy files while which file is loaded depends on the operator or SIM card?

I check the link http://www.symbian.com/Developer/tec....using.loadtsy
It recommands that query the communications database for the name of the currently selected TSY or scan the \system\libs\ directory of each drive for files with the *.tsy extension. I don't think we could open that directory on real phone.

One more question, does it mean that if we load the wrong TSY file, we will get problem when we access telephony server?