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    JAD attributes on the phone screen

    does anyone happen to know the following things:
    -where can I find specifications about how many characters of a JAD attribute, e.g. MidLet-name, can be shown on the different phone screens? And how the different phones react if the name is too long, i.e. shortens it or...?
    -Is it the phone which defines what and how many JAD attributes are shown on the screen? E.g. 7650 seems to function different than others. Where can I find information about this?
    -IS it the phone which defines the total layout of the JAD, e.g. font size etc.? Can this be affected?

    I've been trying to find any info about this in the Forum Nokia documents, but nothing....Hope that somebody could help me...



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    RE: JAD attributes on the phone screen

    Hi Thomas,

    There are no specifications on how the programs and their info is displayed on various phones. Each manufacturer decides the look and feel of the interface according its own specification.

    For Nokia the screen estate is the defining factor. The same applies also for Java items like StringItems, TextField etc. You can't change these settings. The only way you can affect the screen layout is to use Canvas or FullCanvas to draw your own layout.



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