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    Question Timer problem in device

    I'm building a simple incremental unzipper class.
    It unzips the file in chunks and takes short pauses in between them, using the timer example found in http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...implementation.

    The pause is held because the zip file to be extracted is pretty huge and I don't want to choke the phone entirely.

    For some odd reason when testing this on device the RunL() method is never called after calling the RTimer.After() method. I've implemented similar proggressbar & timer system for a simple audioplayer class I modified from wiki example, which is basically very same as this one. I just can't see why this wouldn't work also.

    In emulator everything works fine, the timer calls the IncrementUnzip() and the zip file gets unzipped, and proggressbar updates.

    But in device the RunL() isn't called even for the first time after UnzipL() has called the RTimer.After().

    Any ideas why this would not work in the device?

    Or am I already way off on doing this, and should I just implement CZipExtrator as ActiveObject and not use the RTimer at all?

    For clarity I've only included the parts that are went through before the error occurs.

    CZipExtractor* CZipExtractor::NewL()
        CZipExtractor* self = CZipExtractor::NewLC();
        return self;
    CZipExtractor* CZipExtractor::NewLC()
        CZipExtractor* self = new (ELeave) CZipExtractor();
        return self;
    void CZipExtractor::ConstructL()
    	iTimer = CIntervalTimer::NewL(CActive::EPriorityStandard,*this);
    TInt CZipExtractor::UnzipL(const TDesC& aFileName, const TFileName& aOutputFolder, MZipExtractorCallback* aLogger)
    	shouldStop = EFalse; 
    	iCallBack = aLogger;
    	iZipFile = CZipFile::NewL(iFsSession, aFileName);
    	iMembers = iZipFile->GetMembersL();
    	iProgressDialog = new ( ELeave ) CAknProgressDialog( reinterpret_cast <CEikDialog**> ( &iProgressDialog ), ETrue );
    	iProgressDialog->PrepareLC( R_PLAYBACK_DIALOG );
    	iProgressInfo = iProgressDialog->GetProgressInfoL();	
    	TInt size;
    	iCallBack->Log(_L("Setting timer")); //This is reached in device & emulator
    void CZipExtractor::DialogDismissedL( TInt aButtonId )
    	shouldStop = ETrue;
    void CZipExtractor::TimerExpired(TAny* /*aTimer*/,TInt aError)
    	iCallBack->Log(_L("TimerExpired")); //This is never reached in device?
    	if(IncrementUnzip()) //More to unzip
    	//Something else 
    class MZipExtractorCallback
    		virtual void Log(const TDesC& aTxt) = 0;
    		virtual void ZipExtractedCallback(TInt aError) = 0;
    class CZipExtractor : public CBase, public MProgressDialogCallback, MTimerNotify
        static CZipExtractor* NewL();
        static CZipExtractor* NewLC();
    public: // public functions
       TInt UnzipL(const TDesC& aFileName, const TFileName& aOutputFolder, MZipExtractorCallback* aLogger);
    public: // implements MTimerNotify
    	void TimerExpired(TAny* aTimer,TInt aError);
    private: // internal functions
        void ConstructL();
        TBool IncrementUnzip();
    private: //private variabled   
        CIntervalTimer*					iTimer;
        CAknProgressDialog* iProgressDialog;
        CEikProgressInfo* iProgressInfo;
        CZipFileMemberIterator* iMembers;
        CZipFile* iZipFile;
        RFs iFsSession;
        TFileName iOutputFolder;
        MZipExtractorCallback* iCallBack;

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    Re: Timer problem in device

    I managed to find the answer.

    I use CSendUi in my application. I'm missing the necessary capabilities as I'm developing the software. Apparently the CSendUi::NewL() method causes some problems with active screduler (or something) if the capabilities are missing.

    This was fixed by only creating the CSendUi when capabilities are available:
    RProcess me;
    if (me.HasCapability(ECapabilityNetworkServices) ) 
      iSendUi = CSendUi::NewL(); 
    This fixed the problems I was having with RTimer not responding.
    Hopefully this help someone having this problem in the future.

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