I am using Mpeg4 video encoding for streaming video.

I am using DevVideo APIs.

I am facing a strange problem that I am able to stream video till 45 seconds perfectly but then suddenly video stops playing at receiver end and VLC gives message that video is too late.

I have tried to analyze the packets and found that the timestamp in VOP header is not proper. it should be the main reason why streaming stops there.

Has anyone done this? has anyone found the same problem?

can anyone suggest me some solution?

Also I have captured packets from ethereal and found that the data is coming from client even after 45 seconds also but just because the packets are too much delayed, It is no more being played.

I am facing this issue since many days and I am unable to find any solution. Please help!

In order to try to stream H.264 data, I tried to go for it but SetInputFormatL() always returns KErrNotSupported in case of h.264 encoder.

Can anyone guess anything how to solve this?