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    MdvroNewBuffers is not being called


    I am trying to use DevVideoRecord API to record video.

    for that I have initialized it and then I am calling WritePictureL(). to write picture that I am receiving from Camera.

    I tried many times I am not getting the "MdvroNewBuffers" callback which I should get when my picture is coded.

    I am not able to understand what went wrong as there is no error code even I am getting.

    I tried to read the picture counter status, where I am getting,

    iPicturesSkippedBufferOverflow = 0;
    iPicturesSkippedProcPower = 0;
    iPicturesSkippedRateControl = 1;
    iPicturesProcessed = 0;
    iInputPictures = 1;

    I am not able to understand why I am getting 1 picture dropped due to rate control and also why only 1 picture is there in inputpictures counter.

    If I remove clocksource, then I am getting
    iPicturesSkippedRateControl = 0;
    iPicturesProcessed = 1;

    but still total number of pictures remains 1 only.

    Also "iRecord->NumDataBuffers()" also returns 0 which means that there is no decoded buffer available.

    I had called many times WritePictureL(). So the counter should have higher value.

    Can anyone please explain what went wrong?

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