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    VoIPAudioIntfc.lib and MR release

    VoIPAudioIntfc.lib is a perfect plug-in for us since we need to give user’s feedback on incoming call that matches the default user profile (what sound, vibrate etc.). And the plug-in nicely supports that.
    Our incoming call event comes before the native call event, so we need to mimic the default user experience.

    However, this plugging does not exist in MR release. But we need to support MR and FP1.
    Is anything like that available for MR?

    Does anyone has any recommendation how to implement it in MR?

    Thank you,
    Bogdan Krakowski

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    Cool Re: VoIPAudioIntfc.lib and MR release

    I had an error message of missing VoIPAudioIntfc.lib file.
    How can i correct it/or dowmload the missing file...................?
    Thnks pending

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