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    5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 Bug Report

    Bugs that I've encounted on my 5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 firmware:

    1- After closing the camera application GPS icon still appears on the top of the home screen when GPS tagging is activated.
    2- After taking a picture on the camera, and touching the bin icon on the screen to delte the image (while the photo is processing) the photo is deleted but the image still appears on the screen.
    3- It is impossible to rotate maps neither in Standart Mode nor 3D map Mode
    4- While writing in Full Screen QWERTY keyboard mode input getting slower. And at the end it takes least 5 seconds to characters which the user is entering appear.
    5-Users can't see the photos GPS tagged on the map.
    6-In the galery while zooming in to picture application changes the zoom rate while user trying to move the image left-right or up-down.
    7- It is impossible to deny a call or closing the clock alarm with turning phone upside down.
    8- Home Screen can't rotate with sensor.
    9- WMV9 videos can't be played. (I can't play them, i tried 10 videos in different resolutions and quality but it can't view them.)
    10- Rotating with sensor is too slower when theme effects are on.
    11- It is hard to change a message when other message has been already opened because arrow is too small.
    12- When the user connected to GPS with Nokia Map and lock to keypad, GPS disconnects from sat.

    And additionaly:
    - There is no support for Visual animations on Music Player (It's a music phone i think it must be. - N95, N96 etc. have this feature)
    - There is no support for touch UI in Python for S60
    - Home Media solution should be added to 5800.
    - Applications written by Nokia must be adapted to 5800 like Nokia Vine.

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    Re: 5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 Bug Report

    A few things to consider:
    • a bug is a bug if it contradicts the specification and not if it contradicts the expectations
    • none of the "bugs" reported by you are platform bugs (see the forum name) but rather application/device specific bugs and/or design choices (e.g. home screen is not supposed to rotate)
    • this is a forum for software developers using the S60 platform to write applications and in this context platform and platform bugs refer to everything that enables, and respectively prevents, your application development activities
    • end-users can report "bugs" and discuss about a phone's features at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com or can seek help at http://www.nokia.com/support
    -- Lucian

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    Re: 5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 Bug Report

    I would like to report three issues concerning the firmware that I believe are actually bugs. I understand this is a Forum for developers, but I just want to make sure I'm heard, and I'm sorry to say: sending an e-mail to some central address just doesn't give me that feeling.

    Upgraded last night to 20.0.12, without any issues. Have experienced the following three - unacceptably annoying errors.

    1. All contacts in my phone book are duplicated. There are no contacts on my SIM, and both Outlook and PC Suite indicate there are no duplications. If I delete one, the other goes with.

    2. The calendar has disappeared from my home screen (using both the default theme or another)! Furthermore, when going into the settings of the Shortcut mode, the phone doesn't offer the choice of checking the Calendar. The only options I have are: Shortcuts, Search, Music Player and Radio. It is key for may workday to be able to see these calendar entries, I find this unacceptable.

    3. When I download e-mails using the default e-mail client (using IMAP), the new message indicator appears in the top right hand corner. After reading all messages, every once in a while the icon will remain in the top corner until I restart the device, there is no other way of deactivating it (i.e. marking all messages, making them unread, then read again. No effect).

    I kindly ask you to forward these to the appropriate development team, until these are fixed my phone is severely handicapped, and as a result: so is my workday... which partially involves getting people to buy them... so, not a good thing.

    Thank you, and I apologize if this is entirely out of place here.

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    Re: 5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 Bug Report

    Quote Originally Posted by agyokhegyi View Post
    sending an e-mail to some central address just doesn't give me that feeling.
    Have you even visited the links suggested by Lucian? http://discussions.europe.nokia.com is not "some central address", but a full featured discussion board, where your bug report would fit well - while it is completely off-topic here regardless of your intents and feelings.

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    Re: 5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 Bug Report

    I bought my 5800 yesterday and when I tried the Xpresmusic touch button on the top right corner it worked and after the update it stopped working, also I can't switch between tabs in Bluetooth. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Re: 5800 Xpress Music v20.0.12 Bug Report

    Hi Jay001! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    As Lucian suggested in his previous post, end user questions should be posted in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com or can seek help at http://www.nokia.com/support.

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