Hi everyone, thought I'd share my experiences. I gave up today with 1.9.x and went back to 1.4.5 on my Nokia 5800. Btsocket is very poorly documented in 1.9.2, and it's not backwards compatible with socket.socket commands.

I have been using voice activation on my PC to send simple ascii commands over bluetooth to my 5800. If anyone want the visual basic 2008 code let me know. Using terms such as 'yes' and 'no', i can control the 5800 by speaking into my PC's microphone. This gets round the current pys60 limitations.

The phone responds to my commands, and displays appropriate images. I was having big problems with image blit commands on the 5800, which didn't occur on the N95, so I thought I'd paste the code below to show a reliable way to display images on the Nokia 5800. I used this tutoral as a help: http://www.mobilenin.com/mobilepytho...31-dgraph.html

Perhaps someone might find this useful, or get a good idea to control Nokia 5800 with their voice (with the PC's help!)

import appuifw, e32, graphics, socket, select, audio

def draw_1():

def draw_2():

def quit():
    global running
    running = 0

def handle_redraw(rect):
    if img: canvas.blit(img)

img = None
canvas = appuifw.Canvas(redraw_callback = handle_redraw)
appuifw.app.body = canvas
appuifw.app.screen = 'full'
w, h = canvas.size
img = graphics.Image.new((w, h))

sock=socket.socket(socket.AF_BT, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
target=('00:15:83:07:ca:be', 2)

running = 1
while running == 1:
    l = select.select([sock],[],[],50)
    if not l: continue
    data = sock.recv(10);
    if not data: break

    if data == "1":
    elif data == "2":
    elif data == "x":