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    component requesting error

    hi, im having a problem in sending back a reply message to a sender. everything works fine until the send function. im using a nokia 5110 with dau-9p, nokia 2.1 sdk and vb6.

    my project waits for incoming messages. if a message is successfully received, it parses the message then sends back how many words are contained in the message. the smsnotify_SmsMsgReceived function saves the sender's message and number then calls the parse function. it parses the message then passes the number of words to the send function. this is where the problem starts. my project hangs, and when i click the project, a component request pending window appears. i traced my project and the project hangs when i set smssend as sms3asuitelib.yada ....... i'd really appreciate if anyone can anyone explain why this happens? thanks a lot

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    RE: component requesting error


    Please post your SDK questions to SDK forum for faster response.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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