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    Viability for different phones

    1. Hi, my WAP project requires me to make the portal viewable to Nokia 8310 and Nokia 7650. How can i make that possible? For your info I am using JSP to generate WML/XHTML codes.

    2. Can anyone tell me the big difference between XHTML-MP+CHTML & XHTML-MP? What is the main importance of those two? And how can I make the most of both in my WAP project?

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    RE: Viability for different phones


    Please notice that Nokia 8310 and Nokia 7650 have a WAP browser which supports WML, not XHTML Mobile Profile. For information about the differences between mobile markup languages, see for example documents "WML to XHTML migration" and "Browsing on mobile devices" at the Forum Nokia web site (www.forum.nokia.com/documents).

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