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    Advertising implementation by Nokia?

    Are there any documentation that I can read? Our free apps would like to be advertising driven ... but found no way of proper implementation

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    Re: Advertising implementation by Nokia?

    IMHO, Nokia doesnt have this. But there are third parties like AdMob or Smaato.

    I am not sure if AdMob does S60, but know for sure that Smaato does. Just google Smaato and you will see
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    Re: Advertising implementation by Nokia?

    Of course Nokia has this... otherwise they wouldn't offer it. They bought Enpocket for this purpose in 2007. I haven't seen any technical details for how to implement it in your applications yet but they do have a habit of keeping things secret until the last minute...

    This is the other end where they aggregate the advertisers:


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    Re: Advertising implementation by Nokia?

    Take a look at this thread for more details about ad supported apps in Ovi Store:
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