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    [moved] how to send sms automatically after the mobile is switched on?

    hi all,

    i successfully ran the sms sending code in emulator and built the sis file.
    now i want to send an automatic message when the mobile is switched off and switched on after a certain time.
    i mean, when the mobile is switched off first and then it is switched on, then the sms must be sent automatically. i.e. how to send this sms automatically when the sim card is changed.
    how can this be done?
    what code can do this?

    yours sincerely

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    Re: how to send sms automatically after the mobile is switched on?

    you can create simple .exe application working in background.
    Set it to autostart and while it is starting send your sms and close itself.
    Thanks to it when user will switch off/on device your application will do what you want.
    when the sim card is changed
    read about IMSI.
    Your application will have to compare on each run actual IMSI with previous. If it is different, send sms.

    Good luck

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