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    Detecting HW acceleration at runtime


    I want to use OpenGL ES to render video (so 2D) to fullscreen on bigscreens (e.g. 5800). However
    some phones have HW accellerated implementation for OpenGL (N95) and some don't.

    Is there a way to perform run-time detection for openGL HW accelleration ?
    That is, is there another way than maintaing a list of machine IDs obtained perusing forum.nokia.com/devices ?



    EDIT: I have looked for a HAL property ID to inspect, but nothing in this direction.
    So far, only testing against EGL_VENDOR might give a hint: on my non-accelerated device vendor is NOKIA, whereas on N95, it is "Imagination Technologies". So if you know a real info about this HW acceleration please share !!!
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    Re: Detecting HW acceleration at runtime

    Following-up on my own question for the answer was not far:
    Run-time detection is described in:


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