I am running the Series 60 SDK version 6.1 distributed by Nokia on Windows
XP Pro.

The instructions for setting up RAS have me run a program called
commsdb_ras which sets up two access points: "NT RAS" and "Linux RAS".
I would like to remove the unused "Linux RAS" entry to avoid the prompt
making me choose between them anytime socket code connects to the internet.
I believe this dialogue is responsible for problems I am having writting
test code for a modified version of the Series 60 socket example.

I tried using setupcomms.bat mentioned in Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++
Developer's Guide Emulator Emulator Guide How to configure comms

This utility seems to work except that it doesn't allow me to delete to
offending access point in the database. It hangs on the delete confirmation

Any suggestions? Thanks for your time and effort.

James Carpenter
AOL IM: nawkboyrules