I'm trying to use the adaptive search API but am having some sort of problem passing events to it. Unlike the example on the wiki, I'm using it in an application with multiple views, and the listbox and searchfield are themselves contained in a CCoeControl inside one of the views. Everything works fine up until I actually try to use the search grid. The grid appears correctly and shows appropriate entries for the current set of items in the list, but no matter what I do it won't handle events produced by tapping grid items. When the grid first appears, I can type one character and it appears in the search field, but any other characters are ignored, except for the "Backspace" and "OK" buttons.

If I use my PC keyboard to type into the search field, it works normally. If I use a non-adaptive search field, it works normally. I am not clear how pointer events on the search grid are supposed to be handled by the application, if they're supposed to be handled at all. It seems that there is a missing link in the chain of event handlers somewhere, but I have no idea where. Can anyone point me in the right direction?