FineWS2.1 is a web server for nokia phone using Symbian OS v9.2 with high performance and good stability.

1) After installation, run application.
You can download the installation package of FineWS2.1 in

2) When the main screen appears, use the “Options” menu and select “Start server”.
And then, FineWS2.1 will be started.

3) If Nokia phone's ip address was "", then access "" in Internet Explorer(or Firefox). then you can see FineWS 2.1 demo page.

If you want to service your web pages in your Nokia phone,
you can copy your web page files to "DocRoot" in the installation diectory of FineWS2.1

For example, you can copy the web page files to "c:\data\FineWS\DocRoot" or "z:\data\FineWS\DocRoot", and then start FineWS2.1 and you can see it in the Internet Browser,using "http://you_phone_ip/yourpage_name".

4) Use the option menu and select 'stop server', then FineWS 2.1 is stoped.

5) Use the option menu and select 'settings' , then you can set a port number.(defalut 80)

6) If you selected "Exit" and select "yes", then FineWs 2.1 is terminated.