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    how to implement combobox

    Hi All,

    I want to implement combo box in my application.

    is there any api present in s60 3rd and 5th edition to implement it.

    please help if you have any link or example to make a combo box .


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    Re: how to implement combobox

    In 3rd and 5th edition you can use class CAknListQueryDialog. See example in Wiki - How to use List Query Dialog?

    S60 5th edition also have ChoiceList API. See in Wiki - Working with ChoiceList API - S60 Touch UI (+ example application)

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    Re: how to implement combobox

    thanks A.A.M.

    i can work with this choice list. but can we scroll it up and down as our desire.

    in this choice list CAknChoiceList we can moove only for the down.

    can we moove up and down for selecting the desired list item.

    thanks again
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