I have an issue with a javaME app I am currently working on. The app connects to a server using HttpConnection, download some data and displays the result. Normally, this works just fine, but on a few occations I have seen the following:
1) The first 'Allow App to use internet' question appear as expected on the screen.
2) The second 'Connect Using' question never appear on the screen.
3) If I minimize the application the 'Connect Using' question shows up.

Yesterday, I found a way to consitently reproduce the behaviour:
If I reboot the phone, and then start my app I get the following: JustRebootedNokia 5500 Sport.avi
As you can see the first prompt appears as expected, but the second 'Connect Using' does not. I then minimize the app and can then select access point and maximize the app again.
On all subsequent attempts it works as expected: Subsequent Nokia 550 Sport.avi
As you can see both questions are now shown.

Have anybody had similar problems? Do you know what I may be doing wrong?