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    Is sms mtm extendable?


    I want to develop an sms application with custom features, and I would like to integrate it to the S60 3rd Edition messaging architecture. I have found the TEXTMTM example, but I do not want to write all the modules. I just need a new UI Mtm.
    As far as I know in the MTM_INFO_FILE resource I have to define the components of my custom mtm (ui, uidata, server, client). Is it possible to define here my custom sms mtm ui, and the "original s60" sms mtm components?
    And where are the original sms mtm components(dlls)? Do they even exist? I could not find them.

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    Re: Is sms mtm extendable?

    Any updates on this ?

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    Re: Is sms mtm extendable?

    AFAIK, you would need to write all of the stuff more or less, AFAIK you can not go replacing system components by yours.

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