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    PKG file with Finish text

    In my .pkg file i am using 2 languages...english and finish.

    But makesis is not able to compile my .pkg file as i am using a Finish Ascented text as the application name.



    I get the error from makesis

    error: Expected } read alphanumeric value
    error: unexpected text

    If in place of Päällä... I use a normal englisg text it works...fine.

    Any way to use this in Finish.

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    Re: PKG file with Finish text

    UTF8 and unicode characters are ok in a PKG file. No problem with the accented chars. If that was the case, you'd get different kind of error message.

    I suspect your error is coming from a later line in the pkg file - for example, there is some other {"string"} just in one language and not translated in all languages like {"string_en","string_fi"}. The makesis tool should also tell you the line number it was processing in the pkg.


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