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    subscribing to Analog Input changes

    I am trying to configure a Nokia 30 attached to a VRM168 to monitor sensors in one of our field equipment. I have already been successful in configuring a digital input (I used input 1 for this) and subscribing to changes in state (from ON to OFF and vice versa). However, I am having trouble in setting up input # 2 to accept analog input from a temperature sensor.

    Here is some background information which may be of help:

    I am using Nokia 30 in User Control Mode. I have configured it using Nokia Configurator Software for input # 2 to be analog + alarming with a upper threshold of 2000 and lower threshold of 400 and frequency set at 1.

    My temp sensors max Voltage reading is 6V with a low of 0V. I have connected temp sensor according to configuration as described in the "Single ended mode with 10V signal" section of the VRM168 manual:

    --> pin 12 of VRM168 to positive (+) signal
    --> pin 10 of VRM168 to common ground
    --> pin 13 of VRM168 unconnected

    I have successfully queried analog input using the SMS command "Get_Input ALL". At max temparature (6V) I get a reading of around 3500 while at coldest temparture (0V) I get a reading of 0.

    However, when I send the SMS command "Get_Change_Input ALL" I get the following message:

    INPUT 1: OK

    Note that input # 1 is connected to a digital signal source, input # 2 is the analog input in question, and input # 3 is unconnected.

    Even though I very temperature sensor past its configured thresholds, I get no SMS from N30...

    Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

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    RE: subscribing to Analog Input changes


    The message "input2: check config" means that you have an error in the configuration of the input pin 2. This is the reason for that the command "Input_get_change ALL" did not work.

    The input pin2 is a dual pin so it means that it can be used as a DTR line of the RS232 interface or as a input 2 pin. So you can not use RS232 interface at the same time with input/output pins.

    Do you know is the number of the SMS in the international or national format? It should be in the international format.


    Nokia M2M developer support team

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