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    Talking How can i use the "CMsvEntry", "TMsvEntry", "CImSmtpSettings"?


    I want to write a email sender application,but i don't known how can use
    CMsvEntry, TMsvEntry, CImSmtpSettings .

    Please give me a hand and give me a example.

    Very thanks!!!

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    Re: How can i use the "CMsvEntry", "TMsvEntry", "CImSmtpSettings"?

    Check this example - S60 Platform: POP/IMAP Example
    This C++ application shows how to retrieve e-mail from a remote mailbox to an S60 device using IMAP and POP protocols. The usual e-mail features such as sending, editing, and deleting e-mail messages are demonstrated. The updated example has been modified to support S60 5th Edition and touch UI. Important classes: CMsvSession, CClientMtmRegistry, CMtmUiRegistry, CMsvOperation, CMsvEntrySelection, CMsvEntry, CBaseMtm.

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