I was quite excited to hear of Nokia's launch of the Ovi store to provide a service along the lines of app store and android market.

BUT once I reached this forum I found to my shock an offical statement from a Nokia rep saying that all Java apps will need to have gone through the "Java Verfied" process.

I can only suppose that this is an attempt to make Java apps as unlikely as possible in the new Ovi store as I can assure you that no small ISVs will go through the expensive and convoluted "JV" process.

In addition I'm suprised at members like Lucien defending the whole signing process even for Symbian apps, even for free apps. For something marketed as "self service" what on earth does Nokia justify its 30% cut with? In all the competing app stores/markets, the provider of the store takes on the burden of checking for compliance the submitted apps as part of that 30% fee! But here Nokia expects developers to completely shoulder that burden before they can even submit their apps of the Ovi Store and then after that expects to take the same percentage fee. This kind of policy is exactly why many developers are willing to make the roll of the dice that passes for the apps stores "approval process".

I hope I'm not being unreasonable in asking any Nokia reps here to explain how they think that the JV only policy can be justified?

In summary I have very high hopes for the Ovi store, but as a Java developer with several apps under development (both free and paid) unless someone within the Ovi store area takes note of this plea and removes these onerous restrictions, I can't see anyway I'l be able to participate. And it really won't be much of store if the sheves are empty of the kind of compelling, innovative apps that are driving he success of the opposition.

thanks for listening,