I have written a custom MTM which is similar to the built-in SMS MTM. My new MTM works perfectly and from within the messaging application I am able to compose a new message using my MTM and message editor.

The problem is that it won't work with RSendAs LaunchEditorAndCloseL(). When I try doing this, I can see my message editor "launching" (using debugger), but I don't actually ever get to see the viewer. It's like it never gets focus or the framework doesnt know about it...

I am launching my message editor with the following code:

RSendAs sendAs;

RSendAsMessage message;
message.CreateL(sendAs, KUidMsgTypeMyMtm);

message.SetBodyTextL(_L("MyMTM sample message!!!!"));

CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); // message, sendAs
If anyone has any idea of what I could be doing wrong, I would be grateful to hear from you...