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    Question QLineEdit - text lost when receives focus


    In Qt (I'm running it in windows) when QLineEdit receives focus with TAB, existing text is selected.
    In Qt for S60, when QLineEdit receives focus with up/down arrow keys, existing text is deleted.
    If focus is set by clicking on emulator (don't try this with real S60 3.2 though ), text remains.

    Is this how it should work, or is there something fishy under the hood?

    I tried this with "Garden" + S60 3.2 emulator and Qt Creator on windows with same sources.

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    Re: QLineEdit - text lost when receives focus

    Sounds like a bug to me!

    To be sure the development team see it you could mail the QtS60-feedback mailing list, although I think they check here sometimes too.


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    Re: QLineEdit - text lost when receives focus

    until they fix the problem for the next release, you can try the following:

    subclass QLineEdit and reimplement focusInEvent

    void focusInEvent( QFocusEvent* /*e*/) { };

    this will prevent the text being deleted... however, when the user edits the text, first thing that happens is a deletion of the old text even if there is no selection whatsoever (in debug I saw an setText("") before the first character being "appended")
    this might be because there is no cursor in the lineedit;
    in order to prevent this, the user would have to click on the Enter Key which will show the cursor in the lineedit and everything will go as expected form here;

    hope it helps

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