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    Getting error while GUI change..


    I want to use symbian_ua_gui project from pjproject-1.0.1...

    I am using Carbide C++ 2.0.

    After the Import of the symbian_ua_gui.mmp, i am getting the "upgrade project file" window and it says that some files has to be updated..
    If i accept the changes i am getting the multi defined section error.
    If i reject the changes its compiled fine and runs fine..but once i open the .uidesign of the project,i am getting the dialog like, "gui need to be updated", if i do that again the multi defined section error occurs.

    while upgrade project process, i am getting the error msg like "source generation failed" and "reason: java.lang,NullPointerExecption"...

    What could be this problem?Help me.....Thanks...

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    Re: Getting error while GUI change..

    AFAIK you will get "reason: java.lang,NullPointerExecption" if your System does not have latest JRE or the installation is broken.

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