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    Cool [moved] Query regarding running Symbian OS on Texas Instruments Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP

    I am planning to develop a multi-media application running on Symbian on Texas Instruments Zoom OMAP34x-II MDP. I am new to Symbian OS. I seek help from this community to guide me on How can I run Symbian OS kernel and other pre-requisites on the newly release board? Can I find these things readily ported?

    I have generic question. How can we run Symbian OS on a new hand-held device which is currently running on Linux? Answer to this question might help me to find answer to other questions that I have asked in this post.

    Please refer http://www.logicpd.com/products/devk...II_mdp#pricing for more details on OMAP34x-II MDP.

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    Re: [moved] Query regarding running Symbian OS on Texas Instruments Zoom OMAP34x-II M

    Simple answer: you don't!

    Complicated answer: you licence the OS, get a complete development kit for it, then employ the assistance of the chipset vendor to provide with the right drivers, ... When having problems you can ask Nokia (current OS owner) to help you. Or you employ the assistance of an S60 boutique.
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