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    Question about Nokia refurbished products and ebay? think I got scammed

    I just wanted to know if someone could clarify something for me in regards to Nokia's policy when it comes to new and refurbished products and what kind of boxes they ship them in.

    I know the box thing might be an odd question but I know, from years in the cellphone business, that sometimes companies use different boxes to ship products into to indicate that it was once used and now is refurbished. I recently got an N75 off ebay and the person/company claims it was "brand new" and then they shipped it to me in the box below.

    Does that box dictate that it is refurbished or that it might be? Is there some person at Nokia I could call to give them the IMEI and see if it was refurbished? I would like to know because if this guy is selling refurbished as new I want to shut him down since it looks like he has been doing it a lot from his history. Plus I want to make sure it is in fact new.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Question about Nokia refurbished products and ebay? think I got scammed

    It does not seem like the typical retail channel box, that's for sure. The normal sales boxes have all sorts of photos, text and stickers and labels and descriptions, etc.

    However, there could very well have been some kind of a cardboad sleeve/wrapper originally, with all that.

    The sales box/packaging seems to very a bit by region and content.

    I have no idea how you could verify whether the IMEI is for a new or refurbished device.

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