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    [moved] epocwind.out

    Hi, I can´t find the file epocwind.out in E:\Documents and Settings\Alvarito\Local Settings\Temp. I enable the option in the menu preferences of the emulator and this is my epoc.ini:

    configuration epoc_240x320.ini
    configuration epoc_320x240.ini
    PlatSecDiagnostics ON
    PlatSecEnforceSysBin ON
    PlatSecProcessIsolation ON
    PlatSecEnforcement OFF
    PlatSecDisabledCaps NONE
    LogToFile 1
    LogToDebugger 1
    JUSTINTIME debug
    _EPOC_DRIVE_D \epoc32\winscw\d
    MegabytesOfFreeMemory 32

    I need look this file to find the problem that causes my aplication shows a "system error -1" when I run it in my mobile. Thank You!!!

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    Re: epocwind.out

    Not sure if the epocwind.out would help you too much, instead you should try debugging the application to se which line is giving the "not found" error..

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