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    Subscribing to battery charging event


    Is it possible to subscribe to battery charging event? I need to know when the cell phone is connected to the charger.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Subscribing to battery charging event

    There is no "battery charging" event in the MIDP standard. Nor is there a standard way to get the "power status". On some Nokias, you might be able to get the battery level percentage as:

    String batteryPercent = System.getProperty("com.nokia.mid.batterylevel");
    Some extention APIs (such as those in some Vodafone devices) allow access to similar information.

    These methods are not part of the MIDP standard, and are available only on a minority of devices.


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    Re: Subscribing to battery charging event

    please i have a nokia E72i that fell into water. i removed the battery and dried the phone. the phone is now working but the battery refuses to charge. it keep showing "not charging" when i plug it to my pc or the nokia charger. Pls help me.

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    Re: Subscribing to battery charging event

    Hi zahrdeen! Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    Please note that you have reached Forum Nokia technical discussion Boards, here we mainly discuss on Mobile Application development related issues; end user related questions would be posted in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/ , which is also monitored and you will also get a fast response there.


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