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    Problem with "How to parse an XML file in J2ME with kXML" article

    Hi! I have just read the article "How to parse an XML file in J2ME with kXML",and i have tested the code. When I try to get the Value of a Node,by getting the NodeValue attribute of the XmlNode object,i always obtain null. This does not happen when i take the NodeName attribute,which is taken correctly.

    The sctructure of my Xml code is:


    <destinatario> Jose Manuel Lodio</destinatario>

    <remitente> Pepe Jimenez</remitente>

    <dirDestino>Blas de Otero 12 5to C</dirDestino>
    <dirOrigen>Licenciado Poza 42</dirOrigen>

    <caracter>urgente </caracter>


    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem with "How to parse an XML file in J2ME with kXML" article

    Hi nadiuska,
    Kxml Parser will works absolutely fine . We are using kxml parser for parsing xmls from last two years
    there are lot's of Kxml parser references you can go through this

    If you still face problem after reading post your code we will look in to it

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