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    Carbide.j Error. Could you help?


    I installed carbide.j and integrate it with Eclipse. But When i open Eclipse IDE, an error comes up. The error is:
    "Deployment Tool Could Not Be Initialized". This error is related to carbide; that is, carbide.j deployment tool could not be initialized.

    So, how could i fix it?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Carbide.j Error. Could you help?

    Forum Nokia has discontinued the carbide.j tool.
    We strongly suggest to use Netbeans instead or just the plugin of our SDKs in the Eclipse platform.

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    Re: Carbide.j Error. Could you help?


    There is folder ".Nokia" in your "Documents and settings\user" directory. Copy it to c:\
    Also point workspace to c:\workspace. And finally move eclipse to c:\eclipse and follow instructions from file C:\Nokia\Tools\Carbide_j_1_5\bin\eclipse\Carbide_j_Eclipse_Integration.txt

    Hope this helps.

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