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    symbian [check List no.17] issue for FEP

    We have developed a custom fep, [fep.dll] a background application for text input. We have a

    separate sis file for it. whose pkg is as follows :

    "...\urel\fep.dll" - "c:\sys\bin\fep.dll"
    "...\Data\z\resource\apps\fep.rsc" - "c:\Resource\Plugins\fep.rsc"

    The capabilities for the application are:
    ALL -TCB

    We have an interface application [setup.exe], which we need to activate the fep.


    ; embedded sis

    ; files of the gui application.
    "...\Epoc32\release\gcce\urel\setup.exe" - "c:\sys\bin\setup.exe"

    The capabilities for the application are:
    WriteDeviceData ReadUserData

    According to the Symbian+Signed+Test+Criteria+3.0.3.pdf (check-List 17],

    If an application uses any of the Phone Manufacturer Capabilities (DRM, AllFiles or TCB) :
    [ here were are using ALL -TCB ]

    the package file must contain a conditional block that allows this SIS file to install only to the

    phones of one manufacturer.

    IF manufacturer = 2 ; (2 is Nokia)
    ; This part will then contain the installation information about the files of the

    "badmanufacturer.txt"-"", FILETEXT, TEXTABORT

    6] [fep.sis] is going to be symbian certified signed as well nokia signed.
    [setup.sis] is going to be express signed.

    here fep.sis is embedded within setup.sis.

    7] My query is that condition for bad manufacturer.txt, as stated in [point no. 5]
    should be put in [fep.pkg or it should be put in setup.pkg (where fep.sis is embedded).]

    Any suggestins please??


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    Re: symbian [check List no.17] issue for FEP

    How about you make just one SIS file with all those components and then you don't have a problem. Otherwise follow Symbian Signed's requirements and make sure that the fep.dll containin package only installs on Nokia devices. Nothing stops you from applying the same to the setup.exe but that is not a Symbian Signed requirement anymore, it is simply your choice.
    -- Lucian

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