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    Will the Qt for S60 application load fast?

    I have test in garden release some features, such as CTelephony, background/foreground, QListWidget. So far, so good! Thanks to the hard work of Qt team.
    But I notice that Qt related application load slowly. Will this be improved? There is a "udeb" in "qt_libs_armv5_udeb.sisx", will it be faster in a "qt_libs_armv5_urel.sisx" lib?

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    Re: Will the Qt for S60 application load fast?


    Yes, release binaries will be faster. However there seems to be a bug in there somewhere at the moment that means that the window doesn't come to the front for about 4-5 seconds after the application has been opened. I'm fairly certain it doesn't actually take that long to start up.


    P.S. There was some suggestion they'd focus on some performance improvements in the next release.

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