I have being trying to extract an attachment from a mail using MMsvAttachmentManager class.Its almost 2 days and still i'm with no attachment.:-(

I'm using Imap Protocol ID for extracting the mail from the mail server.
And i was able to get the Details and description of the mail.

However when i try to get the attachment it fails with USER - 130
I'm including the code snippet which i have used.

TMsvId entryId=(*iRemoteEntries)[aIndex];
if(iEntry!=NULL || iEntry->Entry().Id()!=entryId)
delete iEntry;
CMsvStore* lStore;
TRAPD(MyErr,lStore = iEntry->ReadStoreL());
RFile lFileHandle;
MMsvAttachmentManager &attMngr =lStore->AttachmentManagerL();
TInt Attachcount = attMngr.AttachmentCount();-->returning ZERO even if there is an atachment for mail
lFileHandle = attMngr.GetAttachmentFileL(aIndex);--->USER 130

Please let me know if I need to follow some other way to do the same.

Thanks & regards,