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    [moved] n79 keys problem

    I have an issue that seems like many people have too. Suddenly, when I press any key on my phone (except the power key) the phone freezes. Sometimes I cant even enter the pin code. Even if I log in to the the phone, right after I start dialing a number or typing a message - the phone freezes. The phone is 2 months old, with latest firmware (which could be the problem). I have reinstalled the firmware, used reset code like a million times over the last week. No change though. The phone has not been dropped or anything. I switched off the theme change, automatic screen rotation, key lock, navi key, pretty much everything, but no change. After searching the forum I see there are plenty of people with the EXACT same problem, but no one could get a solution.I could not find any service centers in Canada to check the phone. Regarding warranty: nokia website cannot even find my IMIE number. So, nokia people please give me some solution. If its not fixable then tell me and I throw it out the window from my 18th floor apartment.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: n79 keys problem

    Forum Nokia is not the end-user support forum so I am sorry I cannot give you any suggestions on how to address your problem. Please visit http://www.nokia.com/support and/or http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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    Re: n79 keys problem

    Thank you for your reply. No help there. I thought may be you guys would know something about it...

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